Could Cantore Witness Thundersnow #5?

I think it’s on his mind…

Of course, he’s witnessed it with cameras rolling four times before. (At least, by my count.  If there’s more, let me know in the comments.)  The first three occurrences are captured in the video below.


The fourth and most recent experience came a couple years ago in central PA.


Considering he “just need[ed] a moment” and contemplated entry into the Guinness Book of World Records last time, I’m not sure what his reaction will be if he experiences it with this storm.  Perhaps he’ll just pass out in a snow bank as joy overwhelms him.

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2 Responses to Could Cantore Witness Thundersnow #5?

  1. Liza Laura says:

    Big time thundersnow right now over eastern long island! 🙂

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