Is It Snowing in Minnesota?

I’m confused.  It appears it’s snowing in Minnesota (and far eastern North Dakota), but I’m not entirely sure.  I read rumors about 2,000 customers losing power.  I saw school delays and cancellations.  I even read about something called a Winter Storm Warning that discussed the possibility of 6-8 inches of snow in the area.  So, it would seem there’s a Winter storm in MN and ND, but how can I be aware of that if it doesn’t have a name?  Where is The Weather Authority, The Weather Channel, to name this storm for us?  They wouldn’t be ignoring this because it’s in a relatively unpopulated area, would they?

Therefore, naming of winter storms will be limited to no more than three days before impact to ensure there is moderate to strong confidence the system will produce significant effects on a populated area.

Oh, right.

(end sarcasm)

In the post about TWC naming Winter storms, I wondered aloud about what might happen if a Winter storm affected a less populated area of the country.  I think we have our answer.  The Weather Channel is a business and cares solely about increasing ratings and page views.  They won’t bother naming a Winter storm that only affects a relatively unpopulated area because the cost of doing so is not worth the minimal return.

This should be a fun Winter…

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