Green Bay NBC Affiliate Uses Replacement Weatherman

If you’re a sports fan (or interacted with one today), you are no doubt aware of the stupidity that took place last night in Seattle.  As the clock expired, Seattle’s Russell Wilson heaved a pass into the end zone in the hopes it would land in his player’s arms.  It didn’t, but the officials said it did anyway, citing the simultaneous catch rule that gives the catch to the offense.  It wasn’t a simultaneous catch because the Green Bay defender caught it first and then the offensive player tried to wrestle it away.

It wasn’t the first botched call by an official – and it won’t be the last – but what heightens the outrage is the fact it was a replacement official that made the call.  A replacement official that is a high school and junior college referee in California.  The regular NFL officials are locked out while they bargain for a new labor agreement with the NFL owners and their commissioner, Roger Goodell.  One can only hope this debacle leads to an agreement, but it doesn’t seem promising.

So, needless to say, Green Bay was not in the best of moods this morning.  In cases like this, laughter is often the best medicine.  The NBC affiliate in Green Bay (NBC26) tried to help the healing process by introducing a replacement weatherman.

If the -200 degree temperature didn’t kill everyone in Green Bay, I’m guessing the 546 degree temperature increase over 5 hours took care of the rest.  If anyone survived that, the Thunderblizzard Hurricane was ready to move in this evening.

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