Summer Goes Out Cold and Snowy in Upper Midwest

Snow in Hibbing, MN on the night of September 21, 2012 courtesy of Todd Nelson (@TNelsonWNTV) via Twitter.

Just in case people in the Midwest weren’t sure if Summer was coming to an end Saturday morning, Mother Nature decided to prove it to them.  Snow began falling in Hibbing, MN (northwest of Duluth) shortly before Midnight on the last full day of astronomical Summer.  It likely won’t amount to much given how warm the ground is, and it will certainly melt away early in the day Saturday.  Still, temperatures won’t be warming into the 70s tomorrow, either.  In fact, freeze watches and warnings are up throughout the Upper Midwest in the wake of this most recent cold blast:

Temperatures should drop below freezing for several hours Friday night in the Dakotas and Saturday night in the rest of the areas shaded in dark blue.  Again, this is nothing out of the ordinary in this part of the country.  It may be a little bit earlier than the average date of first frost, but it’s still within the normal range.  This cold air should modify as it moves south and east, reducing the risk of widespread frost across the Great Lakes region during the rest of the weekend and into early next week.

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