Tembin Explodes in Western Pacific

Typhoon Tembin just east of Taiwan.

Yesterday, Tembin was forecast to hit Taiwan as a strong category one/weak category two hurricane-equivalent.  Now, the center of Tembin has cleared out and the storm has exploded just east of Taiwan.  It is currently the equivalent of a category three hurricane (according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center – getting conflicting reports from other agencies) and is forecast to strengthen to the equivalent of a category four hurricane just before making landfall tomorrow evening (EDT) or Saturday morning in Taiwan (again, according to JTWC).  A category one or two hurricane is bad enough, but a category four hurricane can be devastating.  It’s not just losing a few shingles – it could mean a failure of the roof structure itself.

According to the Associated Press, over 1,000 people have been evacuated from the mountainous regions of Taiwan.  Forecasts are calling for 40 inches of rain in association with Tembin, largely due to the slow movement of the storm.  The report also states that farmers were harvesting their crop in an effort to save the produce.  It’s going to be a rough weekend in Taiwan, but this isn’t their first typhoon, so they should be ready.

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