Could Hurricane Isaac threaten the Republican Convention?

Like I said in the previous post,

“However, with the Republican National Convention taking place in Tampa, FL next week, we’ll probably get more speculation than we ever would for a hurricane so far out to sea.”

Thank you, CNN, for proving my point. (To be fair, they’re not alone – they’re just easy to reblog.)

CNN Weather Ticker

by Dave Hennen
CNN Senior Meteorologist

A hurricane hitting Tampa during the Republican Convention?   It’s the talk around the CNN Newsroom, in editorial and planning calls, and certainly the talk around the Weather Center this afternoon.

What are the odds?  Convention planning has been going on for more than a year.  It’s like booking that vacation in the Caribbean during hurricane season.   I tell people all the time who ask me “should I take that August cruise,” go for it!  There is a chance, but even during the season a storm hitting a particular location on a map are minuscule, even at the height of hurricane season.    Dr. Jeff Masters, a respected meteorologist with the website, previously calculated that based on climatology there was a 2-in-one-thousand chance that a hurricane would hit Tampa during the convention.  The odds are higher today, as Tropical Storm Issac churns towards…

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