Best Weekend Weather Since June

Hard to argue the title of this post. It’s been a tough Summer in much of the eastern 2/3 of the country. This is, by far, the best weekend weather in a long time for outdoor activity. The only negative is that the drought-stricken regions in the Plains and Mississippi Valley regions probably won’t see any rain in the next 72 hours. At least it won’t be as hot.

Enjoy what appears to be a great weather weekend for much of America.

My Perfect Weather

This will be the best weekend in the nation since June. The mean breaks 7 for the first time since June with 7.1 on Saturday and 7.3 on Sunday. Widespread perfect 10’s on Saturday with more than 20,000 sq miles of perfection. This drops down to just over 2,000 sq miles on Sunday even though the mean is higher than Saturday.  Vermont appears in the top 2 on both Saturday and Sunday so this is the overall winner for the weekend.


Incredible weather for almost the entire northern half of the country. The best weather will be in Ohio and streak of perfect 10’s shows up in the state from Delware, Ohio west to Muncie, Indiana. Quite a few perfect 10’s in the Champlain Valley of Vermont and New York including my house! I will provide a full report tomorrow on how awesome it was. Some other location in…

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