A Snowy Scene in Colorado

Here are some pictures from today’s snow event in Colorado…

The Google offices in Boulder, CO. Would it surprise you to learn that Google created this snow to take this picture? Me neither.

The snow was rather wet leading to sagging tree branches. Over 100,000 people lost power in the Denver area due to tree branches falling on power lines.

Ahh the serenity of new-fallen snow. On closer inspection of that picnic table... Holy crap is that a lot of snow!

A few weather-related notes…

  • The potential for New England snowfall mentioned yesterday has dwindled somewhat.  It appears most of the snow will be confined to higher elevations in the Appalachian Mountains tomorrow and tomorrow night.  Not to worry, though, as there may be another system set to bring snow on Saturday. Stay tuned…
  • As I commented on in the Hurricane Rina post, she has been downgraded to a category one and is not expected to strengthen before reaching the Yucatan.  It’s still a hurricane and will pose a serious threat to the area.
  • Major League Baseball has postponed tonight’s World Series game due to the forecast for rain in St. Louis, MO.  This is a little interesting considering it’s not currently raining in St. Louis.  Oftentimes, MLB will wait until rain is falling before mulling over a decision to play or postpone.  My guess is that they didn’t want to start the game and then have to postpone it after a couple innings.  This has happened at least twice this postseason and it really takes something away from the game since the starting pitchers won’t return after a lengthy delay or postponement.
  • The National Weather Service in DC issued several tornado warnings this afternoon to counties in Virginia and Maryland.  Anyone with a basic understanding of weather should’ve recognized they weren’t warranted, but how many people have that knowledge?  It’s not clear if this was a test, a glitch or a hacker having an odd bit of fun.  Anyway you look at it, something went wrong.
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