Hey Lee….

As Hurricane Tropical Storm Katia continues to churn in the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Lee slowly (and I do mean slowly) makes his way through the northern Gulf of Mexico into the Deep South.  As of 4:00 PM CDT on September 3rd, Lee had maximum sustained winds of 60 mph and was moving north at 4 mph.  In meteorological terms, that’s “not fast.” As a result, all that juicy air swirling around Lee’s center is going to stay in the same place for quite some time.  This has led to quite the forecast for rain from the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (see below).  There is a bull’s eye over southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi where over a foot of rain is expected to fall in the next 5 days.  (Eerily, that bull’s eye covers almost the exact same area that Hurricane Katrina affected when she made landfall 6 years ago this past week.)  This will no doubt lead to widespread flooding across the affected area before Lee slowly moves inland and toward the mid-Atlantic states (maybe).  So, once again, a tropical cyclone will affect the U.S. and the main concern should be inland flooding – not wind or storm surge.

5-day precipitation total ending the evening of Wednesday, September 7. (Click for larger image)

As for Katia, she will likely turn North and stay out to sea.  If she were to affect the U.S., it would most likely be at the end of next week.

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