West vs. East in the Battle of Snow

This is just another illustration of the strange Winter season experienced this year.  Of course, this doesn’t include the storm that swept across the South late last week.  The seasonal snowfall totals in the South wouldn’t approach those of the West, but there was a point where the snow depth in some southern cities were greater than that of the typically snowed-in northern cities.

From the Denver Weather Examiner article:

Baltimore leads the charge of major east coast cities with 79.9 inches of snow recorded this season. That bests their old record of 62.5 inches. Similarly, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Atlantic City have all eclipsed their previous records going back more than 100 years.

The snow totals of those cities puts to shame the amount of snow received in places whose names are synonymous with cold and snow. Cheyenne, Billings, Denver and Salt Lake City have snow totals lower than many big cities in the Mid-Atlantic States. Carrying the search even further, Anchorage, Alaska has recorded “only” 44.3 inches of snow this season – less than any of the East Coast cities listed above.

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