Don’t Let the Sunshine Fool You

Click for larger image.

(Yes, there is a car completely buried in the foreground.)

It is bright (very bright) and sunny here this morning.  At the time of this picture, temperatures were still in the upper teens with wind chill values in the single digits.  We’re expected to climb into the upper 20s and I’m hopeful the sunshine can melt away the thin, packed layer of snow remaining on my driveway and car.

In total, we likely received over 30 inches of snow.  There were three reports fairly close to our location and they all measured between 32 and 33 inches of snow.  Dulles Airport came in at 32.4″.  Now the massive cleanup begins.  Dulles Airport has opened a runway and there are reports that a flight has landed.  Reagan National is still closed at this time, despite their report of a measly 17.8 inches for the event.  (There’s actually a little bit of angry noise being made in the DC weather community about Reagan’s seemingly low totals.  More later.)

Most major roadways are at least passable and we’re beginning to see the pavement reappear on the well-treated highways.  They’re now focusing on opening all lanes on the major roadways as well as entrance and exit ramps.  Some counties have admitted that neighborhood streets will not be treated until tomorrow.

Finally, enjoy this time lapse video from Eric Harlan of the snow falling on his deck.  Just awesome.  (Note: if you’re epileptic, you may not want to view the video.  There are pictures at the link above.)

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