Storm/Picture Update (UPDATED AGAIN)


Click for larger image.

About 15 minutes ago…

Click for larger image.

I had to move the SUV into the driveway when it was plowed in.  If I had left it there, it likely would’ve piled halfway up the windows by tomorrow morning.  Thank God for 4-wheel drive.

Dulles Airport’s latest report was 9″ and 1-3 inch/hour snowfall rates are expected over the next 10 or so hours.  I’ve shoveled four times so far.  It is heavy and wet, so you need to keep up with it or shoveling conditions will be dangerous tomorrow morning.

It has been snowing for about 11 hours and it is expected to continue for another 18-21 hours.  This will certainly enter the record books as one of the worst snowstorms in DC area history.  As with the December storm, above-ground public transportation will be coming to a halt soon.  Likewise, the airports are virtually shutdown.  If you have to go anywhere, too bad.  You’re stuck.  Time to hunker down, drink beer, and watch TV while you still have power.

UPDATE: And now, this morning…

Click for larger image.

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3 Responses to Storm/Picture Update (UPDATED AGAIN)

  1. gara says:

    Just found your blog via Twitter/TWCi RTing you. Great images of this weather event. Sure doesn’t do this down here in MS. We did have a day of freezing rain last week. We were out in it 4 hrs driving around shooting it up close…but temp rose and it began melting and took picture ops w/it. Wet but fun.

  2. Kay says:

    Bent Mountain Virginia, southwest VA mountains nine plus inches with heavy sleet, snow and freezing rain—-roads are impassable.

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