In the End…

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So, yeah, there was a lot of snow.  Let’s put this in some perspective… keep in mind I am six feet tall.

Click for larger image.

Now that you’ve lost your last meal by having to look at me, allow me to explain some things.  First, there’s nothing like a good beer as you finish up shoveling the drive/car/street.  The snow pack served as the perfect koozie.  Second, it’s tough to tell just how much snow we received, but we feel comfortable saying it’s over two feet and close to 30 inches.  Third, the pile of snow next to me is clearly a result of shoveling.  If that tree complains about a lack of water this Spring, I will cut it down and burn it.

Want to hear the best/worst news (depending on your perspective)?  We may get another 3-5 inches Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning.  Our county has already closed schools both Monday and Tuesday of this coming week.  Some people have mentioned Wednesday will be the earliest day for a return to classes for much of the area.  DC proper will actually be the exception.  All their students walk to school, so apparently they don’t need to worry about buses making all their stops.

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