The Latest on snOMGasm!

Quick tidbits regarding the major winter storm:

~ The latest forecast for the DC/Baltimore metro area calls for 20-28 inches of snow.  At this point, I’ve seen 16-24, 18-24, 20-28, and 20-32 inch forecasts.  There’s going to be a lot of snow and it seems likely to be worse than the December storm.

~ Snow has begun to fall in much of the Northern VA and the DC metro area.  At this point, only light-to-moderate snow is occurring in the metro area, but southwestern VA is reporting heavy snow.  This is expected to move into the metro area this evening.

~ There were lines to get in to grocery stores last night.  That’s right, Whole Foods in NW DC had to close their doors when they were at capacity.  There were accounts of 30 minute waits at this store.

~ Southwest Airlines canceled flights for this evening, tomorrow, and Sunday morning during the day yesterday at Dulles, Baltimore, and Philly.  United has also canceled flights.  There will be a lot of stranded passengers not just in DC, but around the country/world.

Stay tuned to the blog and Twitter for more updates/pictures.

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