Scenes from a Crowded/Panicked Wholesale Store

The extent of the lines when I walked in.

The extent of the lines when I checked out.

This guy's just trying to get on The Biggest Loser next season.

This is also a fun time to identify certain items and laugh.  Note the case of Marlboro Lights in his cart and the pallet of pasteurized milk up at the check out counter.  Those can save you in a winter storm.  What else can you find?

Currently, winter storm warnings extend from southern Indiana through the New Jersey/Delaware coasts.  Blizzard warnings are in effect for southeastern NJ and most of DE.  A large rain shield is blanketing the MS river valley and extending eastward into the Carolinas.  As this systems moves Northeast through the Carolinas, snow will begin to overspread the Ohio River Valley and gradually fill in eastward through the Atlantic Coast.  I would expect the snow to develop in southern Indiana and Ohio late tonight or early tomorrow morning with much of the warned area experiencing snowfall by Noon tomorrow.

The National Weather Service is currently expecting the heaviest snow to occur east of the spine of the Appalachian Mountains.  Snowfall totals of 18-24 inches are possible across Northern VA, Washington, DC, and MD.  Lesser, but still impressive, totals can be expected in central VA, DE, and southern NJ.  Significant icing may occur in southwestern VA and western NC where over a quarter inch of ice accumulation is currently forecast for some areas.  Locations in the Ohio River Valley will likely see snowfall totals from 4-8 inches with higher amounts possible.

Stay tuned for the fun…

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