Major Winter Storm Possible Late this Week

Day 3 Snow and Ice valid Wednesday night through Thursday night. Click for larger image.

A potentially significant winter storm is shaping up for the end of this week across the South and mid-Atlantic regions.  Given this storm is still 3-5 days away, the timing and strength of the system is still in question.  The early forecast from the HPC (graphic above) suggests a moderate chance for at least 12 inches of snow across the panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas.  (Of course, that really shouldn’t be considered a panhandle in Texas.  If Texas was a pan, would you handle it in that way?  I think not.)  Also, there’s a moderate chance of at least a quarter inch of ice across central Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas.  A quarter inch of ice may not sound like much, but it will severely hamper travel across interstates 40 and 44 if the forecast verified.

The storm is then forecast to move east and northeast bringing snow to the southern Appalachians and the east coast megalopolis (DC to NYC).  At this time, it’s tough to say where the heaviest snow will fall, but early indications suggest the entire region will see at least a few inches, with 10+ inches possible in some locations.  This will no doubt stir up the “wait five minutes, it’ll change” crowd after temperatures rose to above 60F across much of the mid-Atlantic earlier today.  In fact, as I type this post, a summer-like rain shower with a rumble of thunder is moving through the area.

It will take more than five minutes to change back to Winter – more like five days – but it does appear Old Man Winter is returning to remind us he’s not done yet.  Just like Brett Favre!

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One Response to Major Winter Storm Possible Late this Week

  1. Neil says:

    They are forecasting 6-8 inches down here in the NC from this storm

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