Major East Coast Snowstorm this Weekend

Click for larger image.

Sorry for the small hiatus.  This time of year can get busy.

Two weeks ago, some moderate snow fell in the mid-Atlantic regions, but it fell mostly west of the major metropolitan areas.  They won’t be so lucky this time.

Winter Storm Watches and Warnings currently extend from western North Carolina through central New Jersey, just south of NYC.  In all likelihood, these watches and warnings will extend into Boston by tomorrow evening.  As you can see from the snapshot above, many places are expected to experience heavy snow in excess of 8 inches in the Virginia/Maryland region from Friday evening through Saturday evening.  In reality, the storm may extend beyond that period over the area.

In the southern portion of the affected area (mainly NC), sleet and freezing rain may mix in with the snow and significantly cut down on accumulating snowfall.  As we move north and east toward the coast, the precipitation is expected to fall mainly as snow in places like Richmond and Fredicksburg, VA, Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, Dover, DE, and Philadelphia, PA.

There are still some issues with timing and precipitation amounts.  We’ll update as needed in the coming day.

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