December 2009 Winter Storm Snowfall Totals

Flagstaff, AZ received 11.6 inches of snow as of 9:00 AM CST Tuesday. Click for larger image.

We don’t name winter storms like we do tropical storms and hurricanes, but if we did, I’m sure this current storm would’ve received a name.  And that name would be retired when all is said and done.

Most of the snow has moved through the West (there are still some snow showers lingering in the Colorado Rockies) and we now have some snowfall totals available to us.  Below is a brief list of these totals.  You can find a more expansive list here.

ALPINE MEADOWS                       42.0                     
KIRKWOOD                             40.0                     
CISCO 5 ENE                          35.0                     
KINGVALE 1.3 WSW                     29.0                     
HOMEWOOD 2 SE                        27.0                     
PROSSER CREEK RESERVOIR              24.0       

HEAVENLY VALLEY                      24.0                     
MT ROSE SKI AREA                     23.0                     
CARSON CITY 1.3 NW                   18.0                     
DAYTON 1.7 SW                        13.0                     
RENO 7.1 N                           12.0                                 
FLAGSTAFF                            11.6                     
WILLIAMS                              8.0                     
BELLEMONT                             7.2                     
GRAND CANYON ARPT                     3.0                     

DELTA                                10.2                     

VERDURE 8 WNW                        25.0                     

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