Davenport, IA NWS Office is Serious About this Storm

Courtesy of The Weather Channel’s Twitter feed comes this discussion of the major winter storm currently affecting the West.  It will move into the Plains tomorrow and really begin affecting eastern Iowa Tuesday afternoon.  Some of this discussion is rather technical.  Here are the main points:

  • Heavy snow – including thunder-snow – is likely in eastern Iowa during this event.  6-12 inches are likely with 12-15 inches possible in the heaviest snow bands.
  • The heaviest snow will take place Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.
  • Blizzard conditions should be well under way by daybreak Wednesday with 25-45 mph sustained winds possible and gusts 50-60 mph not out of the question.
  • This will likely result in widespread power outages and extremely dangerous, if not impossible, travel conditions.
  • The winter storm is likely to be one of the worst in several years, if not longer, for the area.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most schools will be closed in the area Wednesday and maybe Tuesday.  When they will return will depend on how crippling (our favorite adjective for Winter storms) the storm is for the area.

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