Whistler Blackcomb Wraps up it’s Snowiest Month Ever

Coustesy of Whistler Blackomb's web site. Click for larger image.

About 10 days ago, I mentioned that Whistler Blackcomb has set a record for November snowfall.  With 10 days left in the month, they went on to experience the most snowfall in any month on record.  In total, Whistler Blackcomb received 220 inches (560 cm) of snow for the month.  This destroys the previous record of 185 inches (469 cm) in January 2006.  They only have 30 years of record-keeping on site, so it’s not as robust a record as some, but 220 inches is a lot snow regardless.

As mentioned in the previous post, Whistler Blackcomb is one of the host venues for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.  If there were any concerns that an El Nino Winter could hurt the games, I think this month has put many of those concerns to rest.  Barring a dramatic and extended warm spell, Whistler Blackcomb should be set to host.  I just hope they finished all the necessary building construction before this month.

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