Winter Storm Expected in Southwest

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In what may be an early sign of some Winter Outlooks coming true, parts of Arizona, New Mexico and west Texas are under Winter Storm Watches/Warning and Winter Weather Advisories.  Snow is expected at higher elevations tonight with snow levels dropping during the day tomorrow and reaching the desert floors.  The highest elevations could see a foot of snow by Tuesday morning with lower elevations likely seeing a maximum of six inches.  The snow is expected to move out into the High Plains of eastern New Mexico and west Texas during the day on Tuesday.

If you’ve read the winter outlook posts, you may have noticed a theme regarding southern storm tracks.  In El Nino winters, the southern storm track usually strengthens, bringing more precipitation to California as well as the Gulf and southern Atlantic coasts.  This may just be an outlier of a storm, or it may be a sign of things to come.

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend and returned safely to home if you traveled.  In addition to monitoring the current weather, we have a full slate of more climate-related issues.  You can look forward to reviews of the November and Fall weather outlooks from the CPC as well as their outlooks for December and Winter.  Check back often.

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