Snow in Korea this Morning

I read this blog post in which a forecast for snow was mentioned for South Korea.  The blog indicated the writer was in Seoul, but I couldn’t find any forecast for snow from any international weather source.  I decided to forget about it until something dawned on me about an hour ago – Twitter.  Certainly if someone living in South Korea saw snow today they would have to tweet about it.  Indeed, the magic of the internet is alive and well…

Click for larger image.

Thanks to Twitter user “kimcheesal”, I was able to find an answer with photographic evidence.  Indeed there was snow today in Korea.  Specifically, Yeoncheon, South Korea, just south of the border with North Korea.  (Note: this is an assumption based on the location for the Twitter user.  Surprisingly, I was not able to find much blog/Twitter information coming out of North Korea. 🙂 )  It was not the only evidence of snow in the country.  Several other tweets referred to snow in the area.  Thus continues the southward advance of snow cover in East Asia.

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One Response to Snow in Korea this Morning

  1. The Mark says:

    Thanks for using my picture. Yes, I am in Yeoncheon and there is actually a bit of snow still on the ground.

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