Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Update

It’s been over two weeks since we took a look at the latest snow cover map for the Northern Hemisphere.  Here are the two images we’ve reviewed thus far, plus the most recent image:


Click for larger image.


Click for larger image


Click for larger image.

The most noticeable increase in snow cover is probably seen in Alaska and northwest Canada as well as western Russia.  I looked through some images from previous years, but it’s hard to gauge if the current snow cover is above or below normal.  One thing is for sure – snow cover is on the increase in the Northern Hemisphere and it’s just a matter of time until the flakes begin flying with regularity south of 60N latitude.

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One Response to Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Update

  1. pyeager says:

    I haven’t done a great job of keeping up on this (, so thanks for the update.

    I’ll link to it in my blog.


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