October 2009: Cold and Wet

We’ve already reviewed the temperature and precipitation outlooks for October 2009.  Now that we have the official press release from NOAA, I thought we should take one last look at last month – especially when you consider how historic it was.  Let’s start with the temperature map:

Click for larger image.

So, it was cold.  Unless you live in Alabama, Georgia, or Florida.  Oklahoma experienced the coldest October on record with 18 other states placing in the top 10 of their coldest month in history.  The overall U.S. average was 50.8F, 4F below the 20th century average.  Florida’s above normal October marks the sixth consecutive month of above average temperatures.

Click for larger image.

October 2009 was the wettest October on record in the U.S. as a nationwide average of 4.15 inches almost doubled the long-term average.  Three states (Iowa, Arkansas, and Louisiana) recorded their wettest October on record with 17 additional states placing in the top 10 for the month.  For the first time since December 2007, no region – not state – recorded below normal precipitation for the month.  Only 12% of the lower-48 experienced moderate-to-exceptional drought conditions – second-lowest of the decade.

So far, November has pretty much balanced out October with warmer temperatures and drier conditions across much of the country.  This isn’t forecast to change all that much over the coming week.

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