PSA: Daylight Saving Time

You’ve probably heard it all week and you’ll here it all day today.  But, just in case someone stumbles across this page and has yet to here, or has forgotten, daylight saving time ends tonight at 2:00 AM for most of the U.S.  (Arizona being the lone exception, if my memory is correct.)  Enjoy the extra hour of whatever.

This brings me to another point.  Why does everyone say an extra hour of sleep?  Don’t misunderstand… I love sleeping, but why waste that extra hour on sleep when it could be an extra hour of something fun and enjoyable?  This has always struck me as odd.

Also, remember, it’s daylight saving time.  There is no “s” on the end of the word “saving.”  Daylight is not being deposited into a bank account.  It’s saved for later in the day to help reduce energy consumption around the country.  Of course, this hasn’t necessarily worked.  You may wait later to turn your lights on at home, but you may also spend more energy cooling your home.  I’m guessing this is why Arizona doesn’t participate in DST.  The last thing they need is another hour of sunlight during Summer.

So, enjoy the 25 hour day tomorrow.  The weather seems as if it will be nice across most of the country, so go outside and enjoy.  Just don’t get too down when the sun sets an hour earlier than today – it’s a sign of Winter and the holiday season!  (That’s exciting, right?)

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