More on the Shreveport Tornado

The man who survived having a church steeple crush his vehicle is one miraculous story.  Click that link for the entire story.  Here’s an excerpt:

There, from Johnson’s unique vantage on the truncated steeple tower high atop the church, could be seen pieces of the huge broken steeple, and in the middle of them a brand-new, squashed Lexus, its driver rushed to the hospital.”Neil said ‘Come see this, you won’t believe this, I can’t believe the guy is still alive,'” and we were like ‘My God,’ how he wasn’t decapitated, paralyzed, whatever, I don’t know. God. Angels. Whatever you want to believe.”

It wasn’t until she got home and received a call from her sister Judy Williams that she learned the driver of the car was her brother-in-law, Williams’ husband Michael, a well-known local graphic artist.

“I didn’t know it at the time,” O’Neal said a few hours later after a night spent slowly driving through rain-swollen streets after high winds and tornadoes lashed the area, including the one that toppled the church tower onto her brother-in-law’s car. “It was so surreal.”

Still, she thinks the fact that Michael Williams is alive and emerged as unscathed as he did from the accident strikes her as nothing less than miraculous.

I’ll say.  Part of a building falls on your car when you’re in it and you manage to survive with relatively few injuries?  Is this guy like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable?  Unreal, if you ask me.  The picture is worth a thousand words…

I like to think the officer in the foreground is looking up at where the steeple used to stand and thinks to himself, “how the heck is this guy alive?”  Good question.

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