Possible Tornado Strikes Shreveport, LA

It appears a tornado may have struck near Shreveport, LA today.  It will take a couple days to confirm this was a tornado and not a merely strong winds.  The national weather service seems pretty convinced it was a tornado, considering they claimed to have watched it pass over their office just west of town.  Because, you know, standing outside or close to a window is the best place to be in a tornado.

The photo above is of a church steeple that was ripped off the building and fell onto a car in the street.  Miraculously, the man in the car was rescued by paramedics and taken to the hospital.  He was critically injured but is in stable condition.  A downtown YMCA was also damaged in Shreveport.

The severe weather in the South is associated with the same storm bringing feet of snow to the Rockies and High Plains.  The cold front associated with this cyclone is the focal point for the severe weather.  Most intense winter storms bring about severe weather in addition to the heavy snow.  The snow often receives more attention in the media because it affects a broader area, but the severe weather can certainly cause more damage.  (Unless you’re aware of snow detaching steeples from churches.)

The severe threat has mostly passed.  There are no current watches, and just one severe thunderstorm warning, in the southern states.  There is a slight risk of severe weather tomorrow as the cyclone continues to move northward.

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