Cold, Snowy Week Ends with New England Storm

[picapp src=”7/a/9/c/Patriots_Wes_Welker_18bf.JPG?adImageId=6141052&imageId=6852233″ width=”500″ height=”316″ /]

It snowed throughout most of the Patriots/Titans game. Didn’t seem to affect the Patriots as they won 59-0.

I was a little surprised when I flipped over to the Patriots/Titans game this afternoon and saw the field covered in snow.  Radar did not indicate snow was falling in the region, but the TV image proved otherwise.  It snowed throughout most of the 3+ hour game with rain and sleet mixing in once in a while.

This concludes what has been quite an active week across much of the nation.  We already noted how records were set across much of the Midwest, but this web site shows that cold weather and/or snowfall records were set in nearly every state in the lower 48.  Here’s a plot of all records set:

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

In total, 221 snowfall records, 634 low temperature records, and 3634 low maximum temperature records were set this week across the country.  Records were set in the other categories, but I didn’t chart them to stick with the theme of this post and week.  You can use the HAMweather web site to create your own map and hover over the dots for more information.  Also, there are tables at the bottom of the page with specific data for each record.

The cold weather record-setting may not be finished.  Freeze warnings and frost advisories extend almost all the way to the Gulf coast tonight:

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

Places such as Atlanta, GA and Mobile, AL are forecast to set record lows tonight.

As mentioned in an earlier post, temperatures should rebound through the week, returning to around normal.  Temperatures may once again cool beginning next weekend, although I currently don’t foresee anything like what we saw this weekend.  Autumn has definitely settled in and Winter may not be far behind.

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