Remnants of Typhoon Melor Slam Northern California

Image should update by refreshing the page. Click for larger image.

Image should update by refreshing the page. Click for larger image.

Northern California is currently experiencing heavy rain and high winds associated with a strong low pressure center over the Pacific Ocean.  This storm system is the offspring of Typhoon Melor, which slammed into Japan, near Nagoya, last week.  Like many Atlantic Ocean hurricanes, Melor turned northwestward, northward, and northeastward before making its’ way across the Pacific to the U.S. west coast.  (The U.K. and Ireland are often hit with the remnants of major Atlantic hurricanes.)

High wind and flash flood warnings are in effect throughout much of California today.  Wind speeds are expected in to be in the 25 to 40 mph range, with gusts of 60 mph+.  Rainfall totals could exceed 3 inches, especially toward the foothills of the mountainous areas.  According to Jim Cantore’s Twitter feed (I hope it’s actually him), The Weather Channel will have a team in CA today, so you can check that out for more information.

In addition to the rain and high winds, snow is expected in the higher elevations (above 7000 ft) of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  Given the strong winds and heavy rain, one would expected significant accumulations at the highest elevations.

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