Active Day for much of U.S.

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We’ve already touched on the West Coast weather for today, but the rest of the country isn’t exactly quiet.  Rain, freezing rain, and snow are all a part of today’s forecast.

In addition to heavy rain along the West Coast, the southeast is expected to receive more rain. Given the near-record September rains in parts of the southeast, any additional rain will bring about the potential of flooding.  There are numerous flash flood watches and warnings in effect from Dallas, TX to Atlanta, GA.  Rainfall totals will exceed one inch throughout much of this area while over two inches is forecast for parts of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Snow is possible in the mountains of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana as well as the Canadian Rockies.  Snow is also in the forecast for northern New England, although by this time (12 Noon EDT) most of the precipitation has moved through the area.

Freezing rain is also forecast for central Nebraska where freezing rain advisories are currently in effect.  As you might expect this time of year, the ice is only expected to accumulate on exposed surfaces such as bridges, overpasses and power lines where there is no direct contact with the still-warm soil.  In addition to NE, parts of Oregon and Montana are expecting some light freezing rain today (not shown on map above).

All in all, a pretty active weather day across the country.  Only the Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic seem to be quiet today, but that will change for the latter region later this week.

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