Denver “Smashes” Old Record

Coors Field was covered in snow and ice this morning.

Coors Field was covered in snow and ice this morning.

From the Denver Post:

Metro area residents awoke this morning to snow, freezing rain and record-low temperatures.

Driving conditions were slick and icy pavement or multicar accidents closed sections of Interstate 25 south and north of Denver.

“We crushed the record by eight degrees,” said Bob Koopmeiners, meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Boulder. “We smashed it.”

The record stood at 25 degrees on this day in 1905, Koopmeiners said. This morning temperatures dropped to 17 degrees at Denver International Airport, he said.

Though clouds will thin and clear out by this evening, temperatures are only expected to rise to about 27 or 28 degrees, below freezing, Koopmeiners said.

Also, the playoff game between the Rockies and Phillies has been postponed due to the weather (see photo above).  Game three of the series will take place tomorrow evening, a couple hours after the Broncos-Patriots game.  Traffic should be just wonderful.  (I actually have no idea how close Coors Field is to Invesco.)

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