Bad Weather + Football = Fun

Well, you do have to stop the games for lightning, but otherwise...

Well, you do have to stop the games for lightning, but otherwise...

In addition to being a weather nerd, I happen to be a huge fan of American Football.  The two work well together, unlike America’s pastime, baseball.  Football games don’t get rained out – or snowed out.  In fact, I find rain and snow to make the game even more interesting.  I’ll watch a game simply because the weather is affecting the play on the field even if I have no interest in either team or the outcome.

So, I thought it might be interesting to take a quick look at games that may be affected by the weather each Saturday and Sunday, provided there is something interesting in the forecast.  Let the weather and games begin!

hpc outlook 926

The forecast map from HPC shows rain in the eastern half of the country today.  To get more specific, let’s look at the Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (QPF) valid through tomorrow morning:

QPF 926

Much of the precipitation is expected to fall in the Appalachian Mountains and mid-Atlantic states today.  So, what games might be affected?

#9 Miami @ #11 Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA – 3:30 ABC/ESPN
Maybe the best matchup of the day looks destined to be a mud bowl.  Rain is already beginning in southwest VA and should continue to push eastward during the day.  This could get really sloppy – and be extremely entertaining.

Iowa @ #5 Penn State in State College, PA – 8:00 ABC
The primetime matchup this evening could be a wet one.  If this game were played at Noon, the weather may not be an issue.  However, since it’s being played tonight, the rain making it’s way northeastward across the Appalachians will reach central PA tonight and likely create havoc for the game.  Did I mention it’s a whiteout in Happy Valley tonight?  That’s right, everyone is wearing white – and it’s going to pour.  You may yearn for the days of SDTV by the time this is over.

Ohio @ Tennessee in Knoxville, TN – 7:00
It doesn’t appear there’s a national telecast for this game, but the highlights should be fun.  Neither team is a powerhouse by any stretch, and the follies increase exponentially with poor weather.

Illinois @ #13 Ohio State in Columbus, OH – 3:30 ABC/ESPN
The rain shield may slide just east of the state capital and keep the Buckeye faithful dry, but there’s still a chance the rain could linger and affect play.  I don’t believe the field is natural grass anymore, so this severely hurts the chance a muddy game.  Weak.

Obviously, there are a number of games being played in this region today.  If you’re headed out to one – stay dry and send pictures.

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