Danny Slowly Strengthens, Erika is Next

Tropical Weather Outlook Graphic from NHC

Tropical Weather Outlook Graphic from NHC

Tropical Storm Danny continues to be rather unorganized.  The circulation at the surface is still exposed with the main convection east of the center.  The separation is not as great as it was yesterday, and maybe this is why Danny has strengthen somewhat.  The maximum sustained winds are now 60 mph – still 15 mph below hurricane status.  Danny is forecast to become a hurricane (briefly) on Saturday before racing off to the North and weakening.

The forecast track of Danny has shifted slightly eastward and it now appears as if Danny’s center will miss the US mainland altogether.  A trough of low pressure swinging through the eastern US this weekend will lift Danny northeastward and away from the coast.  Once again, the New England coastline will not be a safe place to be during the storm.  Also, Nova Scotia is in line for a direct hit from Danny, although it should be weaker than Bill.

Meanwhile, a tropical wave in the eastern Atlantic – off the coast of Africa – is slowly getting organized.  It’s possible this wave could continue to develop over the next couple of days and become tropical storm Erika.  Nothing is certain right now, but it’s worth watching over the next 48-72 hours.

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