Hurricane Bill in Review

Wind History of Hurricane Bill

Wind History of Hurricane Bill

Hurricane Bill was the first hurricane of the 2009 Atlantic Hurricane season.  It was named as a tropical storm on the evening of August 15.  The last advisory was issued on the morning of August 24.  Bill reached peak intensity as a category four hurricane with maximum sustained winds near 135 mph on August 19.  Despite forecasts calling for the storm to intensify, reaching max winds around 145 mph, Bill slowly weakened after the 19th until transitioning to an extratropical cyclone on August 24.

The forecast track for Hurricane Bill was fairly accurate.  As expected, Bill gradually moved northwestward before accelerating northward toward eastern Canada.  The storm passed well east of the US mainland and west of Bermuda.  Bermuda did experience tropical storm winds and some rain, but was generally unaffected.  There were reports of flooding and about 3,700 homes/businesses lost power.

Unfortunately, the news along the east coast of the US was not so positive.  A young girl lost her life after being swept out to sea by large waves along the coast of Maine.  The YouTube video below from CBS claims it was a rogue wave, but there was a hurricane passing off shore.  It’s not as if a large wave  or two is out of the question with such an event.

The effects in Canada were similar to that of Bermuda except more people lost power and there were downed trees with the higher wind speeds.

An archives of the advisories, discussions, and graphics from the NHC regarding Hurricane Bill can be found here.

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