Bill Disobeys Forecasts, Continues to Weaken

Visible Satellite Image of Bill at 9:15AM EDT

Visible Satellite Image of Bill at 9:15AM EDT

Despite interacting with very warm water, Hurricane Bill continues to weaken.  As of the 8AM advisory, Bill is a weak category three hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 115 mph.  The forecast still calls for some restrengthening of the storm, but the forecasts over the past 24 hours called for the same and it failed to materialize.  As you can see from the satellite image above, the eye of Bill has collapsed – a sign of a weakening hurricane.

Bill is still expected to pass west of Bermuda and well east of the US.  A tropical storm warning and hurricane watch are in effect for Bermuda as they will likely experience tropical storm-force winds as the center of Bill passes to their west.  The east coast of the US will likely experience increased wave heights and some small rise in sea level as Bill traverses the western Atlantic.  Even though it may be the last chance to get to the beach this summer, it’s probably not a good weekend to do so.  The rip currents will be strong and could easily carry an unsuspecting swimmer out to sea.

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