South Africa Set to Carry on Shivering

I thought I would post this as a follow-up to the post from a few days ago regarding the cooler weather in South Africa.

Johannesburg – The South African Weather Service says the bitterly cold conditions the country is experiencing should start lifting by Saturday, with “no further snow expected”.

On Thursday, the highest temperature was recorded in Durban, at 16.6C [blog author note: that’s 62F or a winter heat wave in much of the U.S.], and the lowest at Jamestown, where the mercury plummeted to -5.8C [22.5F].

Whole country shivering

Riet said temperatures over much of the country would remain cold to cool until Saturday when they would warm to the upper-teens and mid-20s.

As the system moved further eastwards later on Thursday, there would be a “rapid clearance” in conditions, said Riet.


The snow on high ground in the Eastern Cape, Lesotho and the southern Drakensberg had already cleared up.

The R617 into the Kokstad area and the R609 Matatiele road had to be closed because of snow on Thursday morning, but both roads were reopened later in the day.

Eastern Cape officials also warned people to drive with extra caution, after three people were killed in an accident caused by slippery roads, due to snow. There was snow in the whole Alfred Nzo district of the Eastern Cape.


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