Severe Weather Roundup

SPC Storm Reports from August 19

SPC Storm Reports from August 19

Yesterday’s severe weather resulted in 18 tornado reports (not 18 separate tornadoes) in IL, IA, MN, and WI.  Luckily, it doesn’t appear any of the tornadoes resulted in death or injuries and the structural damage seems minimal.  Here are some articles relating to yesterday’s severe weather:

Tornadoes Reported Along the Minn.-Wis. Border

Tornadoes Touch Down in Fayette County [IA]

Tornado Scares Springfield, Touches Down in Loami and Williamsville [IL – includes Twitter updates from local residents]

Today’s severe weather chances shift eastward into OH, PA, and upstate NY. High winds should be the main threat today.  Once the severe weather threat passes, temperatures should cool off by 10-15 degrees in the Great Lakes region.

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2 Responses to Severe Weather Roundup

  1. Deanna Goodwin says:

    we was driving home(Missouri)yesterday from vacationing at cedarpoint(Ohio) and got caught in this storm and what we thought was a rainstorm quickly turned into something else. it almost picked our car up and push it off the gas station lot we ran into the Caseys store for refuge seen the power lines come down and start popping and cracking wind making loud roar making our ears pop scared us to death we didn’t hear any sirens we just needed gas when we drove up the road we seen another Caseys off the road in pieces it scared us to death

    • Steve J says:

      Wow! I’m glad you’re OK! Smart idea taking refuge in the gas station. Thank goodness you had stopped. That would’ve been scary to drive through.

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