East Coast Heat Wave Official, Will Begin to Wind Down

They finally get to enjoy the pool!  All at the same time!!

They finally get to enjoy the pool! All at the same time!! (courtesy Boston Globe)

The heat wave in Boston, MA is now official, according to the National Weather Service.  Apparently, three straight days above 90 degrees constitutes a heat wave.  Oddly enough, it appears the cool, rainy start to the summer is resulting in fewer people complaining about the heat.  Some even seem to enjoy it (check out the comments in the first link).

Unfortunately, the heat wave along the east coast has apparently claimed a victim.  An elderly woman in Philadelphia died from heat-related problems, according to the health department.  She was sleeping in a room with no A/C and the windows closed.  The report also said heart disease was involved.

It does appear temperatures will slowly cool off during the rest of the week and into the weekend.  Of course, via the previous post, we’re monitoring a downright chilly blast of air for August late next week in upstate New York.  Although we can’t be sure of that, I do feel pretty confident that high temperatures this weekend will only climb into the mid-80s this weekend from DC up through Boston.  It’s long overdue for much of the east coast, but it appears it will be short-lived.

The east coast isn’t the only coast experiencing excessive heat today.  The pacific NW is once again experiencing temperatures well above normal, although this heat wave should only last a day or two.  Currently, (4PM PDT) Portland, OR sits at 93 degrees while Seattle, WA is 85.  Temperatures this weekend should only run 68-73 in Seattle while Portland will top out in the upper-70s, which should put this back in the closet:

The hat, not the guy.

The hat, not the guy. (Courtesy of the Oregonion)

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