And Ana Begins

Tropical Storm Anas projected path

Tropical Storm Ana's projected path. Click for larger image.

We finally have a named tropical storm in the Atlantic – Ana.  She’s currently churning over the middle of the Atlantic and unlikely to affect land until Monday morning.  At this time, the NHC doesn’t project Ana to strengthen into a hurricane, but the forecasted track of the storm does have Ana making a U.S. landfall sometime around Thursday of next week.  Obviously, it’s still too far away to accurately forecast any U.S. impacts from this storm, but at least it’s something to watch in the tropics.

Speaking of keeping watch in the tropics, the NHC is monitoring an area just east of Ana for the development of another tropical system.  According to their outlook, they anticipate issuing advisories in the next 12 hours.  I imagine we’ll get the naming of Tropical Depression Three shortly.  If it were to develop into a tropical storm, it would be named Bill.  Given that it would likely follow the path of Ana, it’s hard to see this complex developing rapidly, if at all.

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