NOAA Backs off Hurricane Outlook

In the sports equivalent of the Washington Nationals issuing a press release acknolwedging they may not win the World Series this year, NOAA decided to let everyone know the 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season may end up below-normal in terms of activity.  Listen, I’m a meteorologist, and I understand how hard it is to predict air/land/sea conditions a week out, let alone over the next 5-6 months.  Still, issuing a statement to say the hurricane season will be below normal when no tropical systems of any kind have developed at this point is what makes all of us look like morons to the general public.  Is it so difficult to simply keep quiet and admit, in the end, that you may have been a little off?

Anyway, the press release covers a lot of points brought up in a recent post.  They mention the latest dates for tropical development in the Atlantic as well as the disclaimer that a late start doesn’t necessarily mean a quiet season overall.  It does appear the Atlantic may become slightly more active soon, but no storm has been named as of now.


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