Cool July in Midwest, Northeast

A sudden illness in the family took me away from posting for a few days. Thankfully, everything is fine and we can get back to fun with weather. I thought it would be nice to revisit the cool summer on this balmy day (90+ here in much of the Midwest and mid-Atlantic regions).

So where was it kind of cool this July?

It was wicked cold in Boston.
Records were set in Indiana.  More here.
Pool attendance was way down in western South Dakota.
Coolest July since ’63 in W.Va.
It was colder than normal in Michigan, but I’m not sure they know what qualifies as a record.
Cooler temperatures in Pittsburgh save money on electric bill; allow for purchase of more Steelers crap.
Even NYC got in the act.

We’ll get to what is now Tropical Storm Felicia and the non-existent Atlantic Hurricane Season shortly.  I now get to go move stuff outside on the one really hot, humid day so far this summer.

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