Pacific NW Heat Wave Winding Down



The heat wave that blistered much of western WA and OR is beginning to wind down.  Temperatures will remain well above normal Thursday before beginning to cool off over the weekend.  Granted, temps will still run above normal this weekend, but they won’t see the record-setting heat they have this week.

Of course, much of this is due to offshore flow and air descending off the mountains to east.  As a more typical onshore flow develops this weekend, temps should begin to cool.  It’s interesting to note that much of California is running at or slightly below normal in terms of temperature.  San Francisco is seeing their usual highs around 70F with lows in the mid- to upper-50s and fog each morning.  San Diego is also experiencing their usual wonderful weather.

However, in this summer of strange weather patterns, the Pacific NW saw high pressure and offshore flow over such a long period of time that they shattered the old record highs.  Keep in mind that many buildings in this part of the country don’t have air conditioning, so some people had to think of creative ways to cool off.

Meanwhile, it appears Chicago will experience the first July in which they do not record a temperature of at least 89F.  In fact, it appears they only reached 85F once (86F on July 6) this month.  It certainly is interesting how these two events can occur in such close proximity.  How many people in Seattle would think they could experience Cairo-like weather?

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