Cool, Cool Summer

Much of the weather chatter this summer in the Great Lakes and Northeast has dealt with the lack of typical summer weather, particularly in the temperature department.  Chicago is approaching a record for most days that fail to reach 70 degrees during meteorological summer (June-July-August).  They currently sit at 12, with the record of 14 such days coming in 1969.  Of course, such cold days are not forecasted in the near future, so the record may still stand at the end of August.

Other places in the Midwest may break records for the coolest month of July.  Not surprisingly, my hometown of Cleveland, OH will not break their record while many cities around them have a good chance.  You see, when Cleveland has a chance to do something special, they find a way to fail. (OK, it probably has something to do with Lake Erie, urban expansion and airport-based instrumentation, but I progress.)

Meanwhile, the Pacific Northwest is enduring record-breaking heat.  Temperatures in Portland, OR will be in the triple digits most of the week.  I bet that ocean feels pretty nice right about now.  Also, I bet most Great Lakes/New England pool and ice cream business people would like a quick transfer out west.

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